So you finally have a business of your own and you’re thrilled about being an entrepreneur. You’re your own boss and you can set your own hours—doesn’t it feel amazing?

What doesn’t feel amazing, though…are your finances.

No, it’s not that you aren’t making the big dollars. In fact, you’re raking in incredible money!

But you have so much going on as an entrepreneur—in other words, you’re wearing a lot of hats right now.

And as a result, your financial wellness has been placed on the back burner.

Taxes? Business models? IRA’s? 1099’s?

It’s practically Greek to you.

Are you spending your money wisely? Do you need to make estimated tax payments?  Are you handling your tax responsibilities correctly when it comes to utilizing independent contractors? Do you need to incorporate your business?

The questions make you feel like a deer caught in the headlights.

The truth is, when it comes to money…you’ve got no clue where to begin!

As a result, you feel:

  • Lost
  • Confused
  • Anxious
  • Overwhelmed
  • Guilty
  • Embarrassed
  • And Scared!

What if it turns out the financial wheels of your business are spinning in the wrong direction? What if you get to the end of your fiscal year and realize you’ve been doing business wrong from the get-go? Worst of all, what happens when it comes time to ship off your paperwork and money to the IRS?

Did you do everything according to form? Or did you make a mistake? Now you’re up all night and biting your nails, worried that men in black suits are going to come knocking at your door to handcuff you and ship you off to prison.

Sound familiar?

So many entrepreneurs face these questions and more every day. They don’t know how to make sense of the financial landscape out there when it comes to running your own business.

So instead, they do one of two things:

  • They try to learn all about money and taxes themselves. While admirable, it can be a highly specialized and complex topic that simply leaves entrepreneurs more confused than ever, going in circles, and mentally burnt out!
  • OR, they’ll seek advice from fellow business owners. However, everyone’s situation is unique and may not always apply to you. Additionally, not everyone understands tax ramifications appropriately. In other words, if the shoe doesn’t fit, then you most definitely shouldn’t be wearing it.

When neither of these strategies work, entrepreneurs throw their hands in the air and simply continue practicing the same money habits as before. But when you do, you’re only setting yourself up for bigger problems down the road, leaving you to feel stressed to the max.

So wouldn’t it be great to have a go-to professional on call who:

  • makes you feel comfortable about everything you don’t know, because let’s face it: you’re already embarrassed by your situation at this point
  • someone who’s patient and will answer all your questions with tact and grace, because you want to be ensured you’re in good hands
  • someone who will help you untangle your problems and figure out the best path from Point A to Point B, because every other do-it-yourself program out there hasn’t really done much for you
  • and someone who will free you from all your mental clutter and financial chaos so that you can finally breathe easy, get this monstrous task out of your hands, and go on living your life?

Let’s face it: you went into business because you wanted more freedom and abundance, didn’t you?

So why are you still tethered to the ball-and-chain that represent financial dis-ease?

Isn’t it time to stop floundering in all the numbers and paperwork and get the professional intervention you need that will allow you to feel more organized, focused, and motivated to do what you’re really passionate about?

Isn’t it time to stop wasting hours reading all the how-to books so that you can focus more energy and attention on your dream life?

Whether that dream life means running your own business, traveling the world, raising your beautiful children, or simply savoring more R+R with your sweetheart, you deserve to have it all.

So why not secure a financial powerhouse as part of your team who will allow you to live that dream life while you take your business to a whole new level?

“My husband and I had a fairly complex tax situation last year and were extremely confused with what we had to do. We’re so happy that we hired Shana to help us. She was communicative, professional, and attentive. She held our hands throughout the whole process, helping us understand our situation, and giving tips of what we could do for the following year. My favorite part was that we were able to do everything online – via Skype calls, password-protected PDFs, and Dropbox. It saved us so much time and it was such a good experience to not have to take time off work, drive to another office, and deal with printed copies of everything. We definitely recommend her and look forward to working with her again!”

-Ruby and Richard Schneeman

“Before finding Shana, I was searching all over the place for someone who could help me make sense of my small biz + personal finances.  It felt overwhelming, confusing, and out of my control.  After working with Shana for just a few weeks, we were able to figure out all of the things I needed to do in order to get my biz + personal finances on track. Shana goes above and beyond what is promised – and I’m super grateful for her supporting me in rocking my purpose!”

-Jacob Sokol, Sensophy

“Shana Bickel is the accountant to whom you want to trust your taxes. Her unparalleled professionalism, thoroughness, and efficiency are something I have personally experienced since 2011, when Shana launched her own business. Throughout the years, Shana has answered all of my tax questions with expertise and compassion. One year, when I had a more complex tax picture, including income from several different states, Shana took the time to research tax law in these states in order to provide me with the wisest tax advice.

Shana meets your financial, tax planning, and tax preparation needs, whatever they may be. Any finance and tax questions that you seek answers to, Shana provides. Shana is honest, caring, and truly wants to help her clients succeed in achieving their financial goals. She loves and lives this stuff! If you own your own business, are overwhelmed by tax and financial planning, or just want to trust your taxes to the best in the business, Shana Bickel is your answer. Visit her website or give her a call to start the conversation… you will have peace-of-mind and fuller pockets!”

-Logan Babiak



The Jump Start Session is a fully customized consultation service specific to your current and upcoming needs that will put you on the right track in terms of financial health once and for all! In this manner, I not only act as your Holistic CPA but also your on-call concierge!

Here’s what you get in full:

  • A 60-Minute Dive-Deep Consultation. One full hour dedicated to your finances and any and all questions that you might have about your money matters. This is all about understanding you and your business and determining the best next steps for you to take on your financial path.

So bring all the questions you have and feel the confidence that comes with knowing that together, we’ll develop the solutions that are going to fully remedy your long-standing headaches, confusion, and overwhelm. Common questions clients come to me with include topics such as:

  • Should I set-up an LLC?
  • Do I need to issue 1099’s to independent contractors that I work with?
  • Do I have the right business model and structure?
  • What should I use for a bookkeeping system?
  • How do payroll taxes and estimated tax payments work?

This session is all about you and helping you get the clarity you need when it comes to the pain points you’re currently experiencing. We’ll also examine how revenue comes into your business and whether or not you’re spending the right percentage of your time on your biggest revenue source—saving you plenty of hours and plenty of sanity too!

VALUE: $275

  • Tax Review. I’ll review your previous year’s tax return to confirm that no deductions were missed and no mistakes made. If I find errors, we’ll amend them immediately. I’m all about helping my clients get more money in their pockets so you can trust that I will research the in’s and out’s of your specific situation to make sure you’re all clear when it comes to your financial health. (Please note: tax filings and subsequent fees are not included in this service as everyone’s tax situation is unique and cannot be predetermined.)

VALUE: $129

  • 30-Day Action Plan. I don’t just leave you high and dry when all’s said and done. I want to lead you down a path toward financial prosperity and help you reach your money goals. That’s why I’ll develop a custom ‘money road map’ specific to your situation and needs where I dive into 3-5 strategies for you to implement over the course of the next month to get your finances in order.

These strategies differ from client to client and largely depend on the financial future you have in mind. They’re also based on my analysis of your business. It might mean making a few adjustments in time for the next tax season; helping you set up an IRA; making a shift in your business model; creating spreadsheets to better manage where the money’s coming and going; adjusting expenses according to what you want to achieve; or automating and streamlining the way your business takes in money online. I offer my objective guidance, time-tested principles, and my wisdom as a seasoned tax veteran who wants to see you succeed.

VALUE: $275

  • Email Support. You have around-the-clock direct access to me during our month working together. If any questions arise as you implement the strategies from your Action Plan, I’m here to talk you through them. If you need help troubleshooting a money matter or need to brainstorm your new business model, I’m all ears. If you need recommendations for finance-related services or products, want more money tips (or advice on managing your time as a busy entrepreneur), or you’ve simply found yourself at a dead-end and need an on-call ‘GPS’ to show you the way, I’m here for you.

I want to set you on the right track and make sure we’re covering all of your bases. So rest in the confidence of knowing that you have a trusted and reliable CPA on your team who you can contact whenever you need to. I’ll always respond to your emailed questions within 24 hours.

VALUE: $199



All deliverable within a 1-month time frame from start to finish!

You won’t find a custom concierge service quite like this anywhere else! This is a highly-actionable and personalized way to do finances that’s based on your unique personal and business situation—not based on templates, textbooks, or one-size-fits-all solutions.

Not only will you get guidance, but you’ll also get real results!  Stop worrying and wondering about your financial picture in a way that keeps you up at night. Say goodbye to your money woes once and for all and finally feel relieved that you have a trusted, competent, and caring professional on your side with a big heart for helping others—and a big brain to make sure the job gets done!

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“Shana came to us when our Association was trying to recover from a management company that did a very incompetent job in managing.  Her attention to detail was more than I could have asked for.  Her personal service was unsurpassed by any accounting firm that we have dealt with in the past.  I cannot recommend her highly enough to an individual or a larger concern. As an aside, I might mention that her sunny personality makes everything seem easy and I know that for her, it can’t be.  We gave her a complicated set of circumstances and she always got it done – done well and with a smile. I am very grateful for her as a professional and as a person.”

-Patty Finneran, Vice President of Tencon Beach Association, Inc


Shana Bickel, The Holistic CPA, is on a mission to transform the way we look at the F word: finances. “I want to change the money story that people tell themselves,” Shana says. “Too many people are overwhelmed, anxious, panicked, and defeated when it’s time to have a conversation about their money but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

That’s why Shana takes a holistic approach to finances. “When someone comes to me, I don’t just focus on one issue like taxes. I look at the whole financial picture.” In doing so, she empowers her clients to take charge of their finances and implement the game-changing strategies that will lead to more abundance, more financial freedom, more success when it comes to their financial goals, and more money in their pockets.

“Too often, old-school traditional CPA firms have a tendency to look down on people and it can be very intimidating. So people will avoid going to these places and as a result, their financial wellness suffers. Or, people will get financial advice that just doesn’t fit their unique situation. Then it becomes no more than a Band-Aid on a very big problem. But I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solution. Each household is different and my job is to create the plan that works best for each client. That way, I can lead everyone on their own personal unique path toward savings, retirement, freedom from debt, and total prosperity.”      

A self-proclaimed tax geek (“I’m in my happy place during tax season”), Shana brings a wealth of education and experience to the table. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Northern Michigan University before receiving her Master’s from Washington University. Then, after studying accounting at the University of South Florida, she received her CPA licensure in 2010.

Shana is a financial whiz who endeavors to make finances easy, down-to-earth, and comprehensible to her clients. With this one-woman-wonder on your team, you’ll break past the blocks holding you back from total financial health and achieve your money goals like never before.

“What I like about Shana is that she is accurate and fast. She will call you back to explain again why certain decisions need to be made. She is a true professional and is very patient with her clients .I am very happy to have found a person who truly loves taxes.” 

-Harriet van Elburg

  • What kind of questions can I answer during my consultation?

During your 60-minute consultation, you’re invited to ask any and all questions that you might have about setting your business up for financial success (as well as getting your personal finances into order). Common questions that clients come to me with include topics such as: Should I become an LLC? Do I need to issue 1099’s to independent contractors that I work with? Do I have the right business model in place? The list goes on! There aren’t any right or wrong questions to ask so bring anything that’s stumping you to the call.

  • What kind of strategies will you develop for me to implement?

The Jump Start Session is entirely customized to where you are on your entrepreneurial journey and/or in your personal finances. I don’t use a one-size-fits-all solution from client to client. It’s all about what you need to get to the next level. I might recommend bookkeeping services; we might troubleshoot lingering issues in your finances; I might see mistakes that need to be fixed on previous tax filings; or we might determine some adjustments need to be made with your current expenses. Again, it’s all unique to your needs.

  • Is this service a right fit for me?

I’m very intentional about working with clients who are action-oriented when it comes to their finances. By that I mean I tend to draw clients to my firm who, when given the strategies I recommend, will hit the ground running and do their part to improve their financial health.

Improving your financial health is an investment. It takes time, money, and commitment. If you’re prone to procrastinating when it comes to (extremely) important deadlines, then I’m not the CPA for you. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to follow-through with the game-changing strategies a coach or consultant gives you, then the way I work may not resonate with you. I’m entirely results-driven, I like to get things done, and I like to work with people who are just as committed as I am to seeing a goal through.

  • Will you be the one handling my paperwork or will it go to an assistant?

Your paperwork will be handled by me and me only. Always. At CPA firms, overworked staff accountants are the ones who handle your files. When they’re finished, they simply hand your paperwork to a CPA to sign off on. I work differently. I don’t have an assistant or partner doing the grunt work for me. At all times, my eyes are the ones reviewing your confidential information and I’m the one developing the game-changing strategies that will put more money in your pocket at the end of the day. You have direct access to me always and never have to jump over hurdles or speak to a dozen different computerized messages before getting me on the line.

  • What’s it like to work with you?

As a Jump Start Session client, you will have around-the-clock access to me at all times. There aren’t any barriers between me and you. When you dial my number, you can rest assured that I’m the one answering on the other line (not an assistant, partner, or other staff member). Most importantly, I consider myself a champion for your financial cause. I want you to succeed. I want you to thrive. I want you to enjoy abundance and prosperity.

That’s why I pride myself on being ‘The Holistic CPA’. I won’t just feed you tired lines or give you a one-size-fits-all solution from the textbooks. Instead, I examine the whole financial picture and then I provide you with the recommendations that are really going to get you to where you want to go. It’s a partnership where you and I work hand-in-hand. You don’t have to worry about feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, or intimidated. I treat all my clients with the respect and patience they deserve, and I commit to seeing your potential always with my strong worth ethic and tremendous sense of values.

  • I have a question that wasn’t answered here.

I’m all ears! Let’s set up a time to chat. You can contact me through my website here.


Don’t let your financial situation turn into a financial crisis or disaster. You don’t have to spend another day worrying about or stressing over your money matters. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s with a fully customized concierge-like service that will put you on the right track in terms of financial security, answer any and all questions that you might have, and give you the peace of mind that you’re looking for. With your finances taken care of, you’ll be able to breathe easy and get back to life as scheduled!



All deliverable within a 1-month time frame from start to finish!

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